TreeCraft Distillery
849 Avenue D
Treasure Island,

San Francisco CA 94130

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 California grown grains

Treecraft Distillery provides grain-to-glass spirits. The grains we use to produce our spirits are grown in California’s central valley, 


Aged in a used Bourbon barrel for just 6 months, our Rum is distilled from a molasses and white cane sugar wash, fermented with a whiskey yeast. This special whiskey yeast is used to produce a very unique congener profile not often seen in Rum. This rum is perfect for a Mojito.

London Dry Gin

Our LONDON DRY STYLE GIN is distilled using our white wheat grain based  spirit. This gin is much like a traditional London dry style  with a pepper note derived from a  Chinese long pepper.  This Gin makes a terrific  martini or any other cocktail you  would drink using a traditional Gin.

Lavender Hibiscus

Our LAVENDER-HIBISCUS GIN is distilled from our honey Based spirit, Using lavender and hibiscus as the primary botanicals, gives it a one-of-a-kind, beautiful floral flavor profile.  This  gin is delicious straight up or with a splash of tonic and a slice of lime.

Earl Grey Flavored

Our earl grey tea flavored gin is Distilled from our white wheat based spirit. The nose is warm and spicy with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. Bergamot Orange paired with Sweet and Bitter Orange, create the dominant citrus notes, leading you to believe you might be drinking a glass of Earl Grey Tea instead of a glass of Gin.  It is delicate enough to be enjoyed over ice or in a Earl Grey Martini


Our Whiskey is Distilled from a unique mash blend of malted and un-malted grain. 

Chocolate Bourbon

Our Chocolate Bourbon is created by cold macerating Dandelion Chocolate  nibs with Treecraft Bourbon.  We selected Dandelion’s Hacienda Azul nibs from Costa Rica because they have a warm nutty flavor, reminding us of fudge brownie bites.  Combined perfectly with butterscotch and vanilla notes creating a perfect balance of flavors.