Fernando Reyes vodka

GEM by Fernando Reyes:

GEM is an artwork of collage on wood panel created with my own handprinted paper. These fun colorful motif elements are strategically placed to create a sense of nostalgia that harkens to the mid-century modern period of graphic design. Living and working in Oakland has also given me an appreciation for the diversity and colorful ethnic backgrounds which make up Oakland’s population that I believe is reflected in GEM.

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Fernando Reyes vodka

  • Our VODKA is distilled from a special mash comprised mainly of Califormia white wheat.  The white wheat gives our vodka a unique grain forward flavor profile, offering it the perfect finish ideal for a martini.


    • We can only ship to customers in California.
    • All shipments will require an adult signature at delivery
    • There is a 3 bottle per person per day maximum purchase allowed.