TreeCraft Distillery
849 Avenue D
Treasure Island,

San Francisco CA 94130

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Nate founded Treehouse Craft Distillery in September, 2015, bringing with him 20 years of experience in biotech and semiconductor industries as a facilities planner and internal brand manager. Nate holds a B.S. in Housing Design from Oregon State University and an M.B.A. with a Marketing focus from Golden Gate University. He decided to take his passionate hobby to the next level as a professional distiller. During July 2015, he attended Moonshine University in Louisville Kentucky. Realizing a lifelong goal of starting his own company while enjoying some of his favorite passions, food and fermented beverages.


Gordon had worked in the corporate retail world for nearly 20 years as an account executive and in visual merchandising. After spending 20 years in the same industry, he was ready for a change. Gordon met Nate in 2013. Shortly after they met, he decided to let Nate learn to distill at his 1932 Treehouse in Sonoma County. While helping Nate perfect his craft, Gordon became hooked and decided that he too wanted to be a part of this adventure. He then spent a week at a Northern California distillery learning the craft. After that, there was no turning back and Treecraft Distillery was born.


Treecraft Distillery is located on Treasure Island in the former Naval Firehouse occupying the former ambulance bays. Housed in  approximately 1,800 square feet of interior space. 


Our 500 gallon pot still has both a vodka and whiskey column to allow for greater flexibility.  The 500 gallon mash-tun is steam heated and allowing greater flexibility in the mashes we can create.


We distill our gin using a vacuum still. This allows us to distill our gins at a much lower temperature.The lower temperature maintains the flavors of the botanicals that might otherwise be lost when distilling at a higher temperature in a traditional still.This method allows us to produce some of the most flavorful gins around